The Jersey Outlaw

Jimmie Lee


Jimmie Lee – The Jersey Outlaw is a comedy TV personality with a reality TV show, Dangerously Funny.

Jimmie Lee’s comedy is an old school “wise guy” style, in the element of Rickles and Dangerfield, combining one liners, insults and zingers, with some Jersey attitude. He performs outrageous comedy with the public on the street all over the country in different locales, that include Hollywood, Las Vegas, South Beach, New York City, Atlantic City, London and more. Jimmie Lee creates pandemonium and mayhem and is uncanny and unpredictable. This unique style has branded well in comedy today.

The show brings a high energy, no holds barred format, including security and models (The Bandito Girls) to create excitement, fun and fan engagement.

Jimmie Lee performs in dark sunglasses and a black leather jacket and an Elvis style hairdo, which is his trademark image. Jimmie Lee is most definitely not censored, not filtered and not politically correct.

Jimmie Lee has received rave reviews and praise for his unique brand of street comedy. Press and media outlets include Hollywood Monthly, Hollywood Times, Las Vegas Sun, VoyageLA,, HipNJ, Atlantic City Press, Philly News and more.

Jimmies persona coupled with his over the top personality and unique comedy concept has enabled him to build a strong social media following and a strong brand.